Our puppies are growing up.  Seal Pup aka Spellbound's Remus left us on 12/19 to live with his dad in southern California.  He is thriving and happy with his new family, our friends Shannon and Bruce and his human sister Josie.  He is the comical character he has been since birth!  Monster Pup aka Spellbound's Rubeus flew to Delaware on 1/23.  He lives with Phaedra's sister and her daughters so also he remains with family!  Kellie says he didn't miss a beat when he arrived.  He blended in with the other dogs as though he had always been there!  We were so sad when they left us but are thrilled with their new homes!  Miss Muffy aka Spellbound's Minerva is still with us.  She appeared a bit sad when Monster left but she is now ruling the roost!  She has made up a chase game which she plays with the older dogs, dashing through the house and around couches and under tables.  She is a riot to watch.  She also gets to go to the barn when we are at the farm and is making friends with the goats and sheep.  Of course she is used to cats and though the barn cats are rehabbed feral kittens they seem to sense it and are quite comfortable around her.

Seal at the farm

The boys waiting patiently for chicken necks!

Good bye Seal Pup! We love you!

Seal/Remus loves his pond!

Monster's last trip to the farm.

Maybe she won't see us!

We love you Monsy. Safe travels!

Smiling with his new harem!

And then there was one....