Zea came to us as a wild child.  She was imported from Italy as a puppy by a wonderful family who loved her dearly. But her big adolescent personality made her a bit of a handful, which proved to be too much for them. My initial  intention was to probably rehome her when I first took her as we already had enough sheepdogs, but it was love at first sight.  Just like with anything, her flaws in one situation proved to be attributes in another.  She is so smart. She is alert and aware and agile and fast (she is an excellent agility dog.) She needs a job and she wants to please.  She is protective but not aggressive.  She barks at the door when someone knocks (I always feel safe with her as I always did with my Briards) but she settles down quickly when the person is welcomed into the house by us.  (My Briards were more suspicious and for much longer) She is friends with all of the dogs at our agility class and our conformation handling class. The little ones meander through her legs.  She adores her family. She has kisses for all of us always.  She is fast becoming and will surely ultimately be, one of my all time favorite dogs and I am thankful everyday that her first family entrusted her to us.
Zea Di Valle Scrivia
Hips: OFA Good, Elbows: OFA Normal
Sire: Sansone
Dam: Shasha Di Valle Scrivia
Breeder: Luigi Cavalchini

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Valle Scrivia